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Hear from our founder: Exciting projects in the works

Founder, Nathan Joyes

The days are getting longer, the Brasileirão is back and Issue IV is almost a complete sell out. This isn't a boastful message, more one of appreciation.

In such a hectic operation, I feel it's important to stop, reflect and enjoy the work that goes into The Copa Club when the opportunity arises.

Within 12 months of existence, we've sold out three of the four issues, which is more than I could have hoped for. To everyone who has purchased our products, I couldn't be more grateful for your support. Thank you for allowing me to do this for a living.

Without your support, we'd simply cease to exist. The message is that clear.

However, due to our early success - (because of you) - we can continue to scale The Copa Club, bring in new hires and therefore produce more quality content around South American football.

So, what's next?

Some of you may have noticed our debut Copa América podcast dropping earlier in the week, as we intend to provide insight into each nation in the build-up to the tournament.

After several requests, we've added our podcast to YouTube.

Do spread the word; plenty of work goes into our podcast.

Don't worry, the usual domestic bi-weekly podcast with Callum Goodall and Peter Pankovski will continue - both have been tremendous throughout series three.

I'm not here to push sales, I believe our work speaks for itself. But do support us in any way you can. A follow on socials, Apple or Spotify can really help us grow.

If you leave a review, I promise to give you a discount on future magazine copies.

Speaking of which, we're hard at work (yes, already) on Issue V, which is likely to be out after Copa América has wrapped up. I'll keep my cards close to my chest on what we have lined up for the next issue for now.

We have two more issues lined up this year, but 2025 is still up in the air.

There may be three more, perhaps we'll double that total. All is yet to be decided.

But what I can promise is two more, exclusive South American magazines in 2024 which will be as jam-packed with top quality content you won't find anywhere else.

All I ask is for you to spread the word about The Copa Club, subscribe to our website and everything in between, and drop us a rating where you can.

Spotify takes seconds, but it means a lot to us.

Do keep a close eye on our regular writers and contributors and drop them a follow, too. All have been brilliant and I’m very glad to have them involved with the business.

I'll wrap this up with another thank you to everyone who engages with our work, and we hope you stick around for the journey.

There are huge plans in the works, but it's only possible because of you.

Many thanks,



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