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Exclusive with Tim Vickery: Fernando Diniz - The Different One

Fernando Diniz

Within The Copa Club's Issue III, Nathan Joyes spoke exclusively with Tim Vickery around the Copa Libertadores final, Fluminense and the man of the hour, Fernando Diniz.

Tim Vickery Preview

It’s fair to say Diniz isn’t for everyone. Yet the way in which he sees the game so differently from other managers has been why he’s made it this far. Tim explains to The Copa Club why his character and approach to the game has been refreshing despite his flaws.

“Quite often, these kinds of coaches who favour an expansive possession-based approach and they're full of ideas of the human condition, which is very much Diniz, you can't shut them up. They're very open and philosophical.”

“He looks at the world with suspicious eyes and on the touchline, blimey, the shouting and swearing that he does at the players is something else.”

“Let's not forget his track record before getting this Fluminense job for a second spell again is not good. He departed Fluminense from his first spell with the club in the relegation zone. He did the same with Athletico Paranaense. There's nothing really there until this Fluminense job.”

“I think it's been a brilliant strategy, to do things differently because there's no job security for Brazilian coaches. The vast majority just play the games as they come as there's no time to train in what is a hectic schedule - it's very difficult to manage.”

Tim Vickery


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