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César Pérez: A Chilean capable of excelling in Europe

César Pérez

César Pérez is one of the more interesting and underrated players in Chile.

After an exceptional season for Unión La Calera, the midfielder signed off the season with five goals and three assists in 27 appearances. Panagiwths Kotths believes European clubs should be monitoring his progress and explains to The Copa Club why he’ll soon be on the move.

César Pérez: Player Profile

Pérez is an intelligent, versatile central midfielder who can also operate in a more attacking role. The 21-year-old can comfortably cover the 6 and 8 positions, as he likes to play between the lines and position himself into empty pockets of space.

Being able to play in multiple positions, roles and systems, it's clear Pérez enjoys roaming around the pitch, especially the final third, in order to influence a game.

In possession, the Chilean excels when the ball is at his feet. The way in which he looks after it, as well as his technique, he's often capable of beating opponents when progressing with the ball.

However, he's far from selfish, as one of his best qualities he possesses is to play quick one-twos with teammates or through balls rather than trying to do it all on his own.

César Pérez

César Pérez's 2023 heatmap.

The Chilean is someone who often prefers to drop deep in order to get on the ball, therefore having more time and space to pick out an attacking pass.

As mentioned, Pérez can work in a number of different formations. Whether it's a 3-1-4-2, 4-3-3 or 4-1-4-1, it's important he's given an attacking licence to get the most out of his creative ability.

Restricting the 21-year-old to a rigid formation won't see him produce his best performances.

Out of possession

Defensively, the midfielder can be aggressive in his duels, and shows intensity when out of possession to hound the opposition and force them into mistakes.

Pérez is a player who doesn't shy away from the uglier side of the game. Standing close to opponents when out of possession, his first thought is to always win the ball and release it to a teammate, rather than aimlessly sliding in.

When his team win back possession, he's very comfortable receiving the ball with his weak foot, making him a useful option when playing their way out of tight situations link-ups during both defensive and attacking transitions.

The future

Pérez should be looking to stay and develop in Chile. He's had an exceptional year with Unión La Calera, quickly becoming one of their key players.

However, it's worth pointing out his contract expires in 2024, therefore opening the door for a European club to move for him for a minimal fee. The club won't want to lose him for nothing, and so his contract situation is one to monitor.

As Pérez is someone who can operate in multiple positions, whether it be as a 6, 8 or even out wide, European clubs will likely come knocking due to his flexibility - and he's still young enough to mould into one particular role.


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