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Alexander Aravena: Versatile Chilean destined for a European transfer

Alexander Aravena

Alexander Aravena (2001) born in Independencia, Chile. The 21-year-old plays for Chilean side CD Universidad Católica as well as the national side as a forward.

Aravena is a player who has attracted interest from abroad in the last couple of seasons with Feyenoord being one of those clubs. At the time of publishing, Alexander is having an exceptional season having 18 G/A in 30 appearances (12 goals and six assists).

The versatile forward has adopted various positions this season and Panagiwths Kotths explains why he’ll soon be on his way to Europe and who he should sign for.

Alexander Aravena Player Profile

Age: 21 ( 2001 )

Citizenship: Chile

Previous Club: CD Ñublense

Current Club: CD Universidad Católica

Position: Left Winger, Right Winger, Centre Forward, Central-Attacking Midfielder

Preferred Foot: Right

Height: 1.78 m

Contract: 31/12/2023

Market Value: €4.00m



Dribbling, flair, agility, finishing, passing, weak foot long shots, ball control, versatility.


Body Strength, defensive attributes, tackling, ball interceptions, heading ability.

Style of play

Aravena is one of the most exciting up-and-coming talents in Chilean football. One of the main reasons is due to his versatility across a number of positions that will no doubt appeal to future coaches.

The Chilean is a highly technical player who although is right-footed, is extremely comfortable with his left foot which is why he has been dangerous in attacking positions this season.

Being so comfortable with the ball at his feet, Aravena is able to travel with the ball, squeeze out of tight spots when being marked and use his 'weaker' foot to find his teammates.

There's no doubt that Aravena is an intelligent player, who knows how to position himself between defenders. He can read the game to a high level, immediately understanding when his teammate is going to make a pass into the empty space and is the first on the move. His acceleration is excellent. An experimental player, the 21-year-old has confidence in his own ability. He likes to take a lot of risks even if they don't work out. Several times you may see him do some crazy things when he is in 1v1 with the opposing goalkeeper.

With his dribbling ability, technique and his intelligence, Aravena is smart enough to make the right decisions quickly, which is why he's been so prolific in front of goal.

However, the Chilean is far from a selfish player. He works hard for the team, often found covering plenty of ground in order to stop opponents and their counter attacks. Although he needs to work on the defensive side of his game, his mindset is there and under the right coach, he can take his game to the next level.

2023 Heatmap

Alexander Aravena heatmap

Due to his versatility, Aravena can adapt to many formations and roles. The Chielan appears to be best suited as a left winger in a 4-2-3-1 formation, or as an inside forward who will be able to cut inside and drive the ball into the midfield to create shooting opportunities.


There's been plenty of reports around interest from Benfica, Feyenoord and Sunderland for Aravena's signature.

Having studied the player, Feyenoord looks to be the perfect fit for him, due to being able to cover various positions. He looks as though he has the right qualities to adapt to Dutch football and looks ready for the next step in his career.


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